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Our service philosophy

As a team of high-quality engineers, we provide you with comprehensive technical support, covering not only the lifecycle of the instrument, but also its professional use in various tasks. We are always attentive to your needs and ready to provide you with cost-effective technical support.

Installation and training

To ensure that you use the instrument correctly, we will set it up for you and provide comprehensive training. We will install software and hardware, recheck all functions, and adjust and calibrate the instrument. Subsequent training will enable you to benefit from measuring instruments and maintain their value through professional use. For instruments that only require a few steps to set up, we can work with you to install and train them in a remote session.

Extended warranty period

If you wish us to provide a written commitment to the reliability of long-term functionality, we can offer you an extended warranty contract. There are two options for extended warranty, one is the option for extended warranty with only spare parts, and the other is the option for extended warranty with spare parts and manual labor. We promise that your instrument can be used again without any delay.

Further training

We provide comprehensive training for you every time you first install and train (IAT). If you want new employees to acquire the same knowledge, we are happy to provide you with further training on-site or in our surface science laboratory. Experienced users can also participate in this training to discuss specific issues that may arise in specific application work.

Advanced Instrument Training

Gain a deeper understanding of the specific surface science applications of your instrument in advanced instrument training. We will work together to address issues that require a strong scientific background, which often require a comprehensive application of various methods. According to the specific situation, we will also use its samples in the training with the user's consent.

Maintenance Service Contract

Through our annual follow-up service within the contract framework, you can always ensure the use of accurate and reliable instruments for work. We will recalibrate your instrument, upload the latest firmware, replace vulnerable parts, and make minor repairs if necessary. For convenience, our laboratory can also provide these services for some instruments.

Maintenance services

There are two reasons why our instruments are so durable: our instrument design balances reliability, and as long as it is technically feasible, we will repair them. You can rest assured that we will take immediate action and promptly return the repaired instrument to you.

Instrument upgrade

Let your instruments grow together with your needs. We offer multiple options to expand the functional range of the instrument, thanks to our latest research finding that more software control modules will replace the original manual components.

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