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The fish labeling method is a recognized fish monitoring method with a history of over 100 years. With this method, we can understand the activity patterns, seasonal migration, resource levels, survival/mortality rates, etc. of fish.

Finding high-value solutions for waste will improve environmental impact and the bottom line for producers

The close integration of technical theory, mature hardware equipment, and specific fish behavior research enables every researcher to efficiently carry out scientific research activities, scientifically and reasonably manage projects and make decisions, continuously deepen understanding of key ecosystem processes, and solve ecological problems such as fish conservation, resource restoration, and habitat restoration.

Based on the company's high efficiency, professionalism, flexibility, and creativity, we have supported or participated in nearly 100 scientific research projects, as well as monitoring and evaluation projects for over 50 fish passing facilities.

Fish telemetry technology includes acoustic telemetry, radio frequency telemetry, radio telemetry, and satellite telemetry, as well as remote data collection and system remote control technologies. These types of technologies are increasingly being applied in fish behavior patterns, migration routes, positioning research, and assessment of fish passing facilities. From Fang.....

The various behaviors of fish under natural or experimental conditions, including individual and group behaviors, are within our research scope. We provide various observation and recording devices, as well as analysis software, to help you interpret the secrets behind your behavior. The behavior of fish is related to fish ecology, fish physiology, and fisheries.....

Underwater acoustic detection has become one of the important methods for assessing fish resources. We provide you with professional underwater acoustic survey scheme design, software and hardware services, and fish resource estimation methods.

Blocking rivers and constructing dams can block or delay the migration of fish, causing habitat loss or alteration, leading to a decrease or even extinction of fish. In order to protect fish resources and restore river biodiversity, research and construction of fish passage facilities are essential. Establish a fish passing facility specification as soon as possible and establish an ecosystem....

How can we delve deeper into the interrelationships between various ecological elements in the face of massive data results? On the basis of post-processing the data of each element, we should deeply consider how to present complex information to customers in a more intuitive and concise dynamic way, which is what we want to do for you.

AQUA provides a standardized method for comparing protein expression between different samples, which is crucial for clinical research and the discovery of biomarkers.

Finding high-value solutions for waste will improve environmental impact and the bottom line for producers

Finding high-value solutions for waste will improve environmental impact and the bottom line for producers

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Protection and restoration of fish migration in rivers

An ecological survey is the process whereby a proposed development site is assessed to establish any environmental impact the development may have. With any potential new land development, along with cost estimates, insurance, structural warranty, and planning permission, you will need to conduct various site surveys, including an ecological survey.

An important type of hydrographic surveys is the bathymetric survey, which originates from the Greek terms bathus (deep) and metron (measurement). This is the underwater equivalent to a land survey operation known as hypsometry.

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